Central Region



1,250–1,450 meters ASL



Lempiras, Caturra, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Catimor



Washed, dried in the sun and in solar dryers


Average coffee farm size:

2.5 hectares



This coffee comes from small communities, villages and even single, isolated farms. Molinos de Honduras (MDH), our sister company, selectively combined these lots to create this classic taste of the region.

Guama Danta has the highest concentration of individual producers who deliver their coffees straight to the MDH warehouse in Comayagua, and MHD has adapted its facilities, warehouse and drying stations to enable these coffees to reach their highest potential. It has also partly financed and installed solar dryers in communities such as Las Botijas and Buenos Aires, where without fast access to dryers, humid conditions can spoil a crop.

MDH and our Volcafe Way teams also host free workshops for producers on solar drying best practices, so that delivered coffees are of the highest quality possible—and earn producers the best possible price.


Honduras shares borders with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, as well as the Caribbean Sea, which wraps around it to the north, and the Gulf of Fonseca, which is fed by the Pacific Ocean in the south.

The Guama Danta community is located in the center of Honduras, in the department of Comayagua, which has the highest coffee productivity of all 15 regions. Its hills and forests of pine trees form micro-climates that—along with nutrient-rich red clay and well- defined wet and dry seasons—create coffees that are fruity, silky complex and varied.