Flavor notes:

Blueberry, sweet, sugar cane, cream


About The Farm

Working 2,000 meters above sea level, the Homacho Waeno co-op’s 3,629 members cultivate extraordinary coffee on 2,000 sloped hectares of rich volcanic soils in Ethiopia’s Sidama region. Homacho’s four washing stations produce an average of 468 tons of washed beans each year—coffee that has excited roasters with its exceedingly nuanced and complex aroma and flavor profile.


Path Of The Bean

Homacho pays its smallholder farmers for their cherries upon delivery. The co-op mills, washes, and dries the coffee at one of its four washing stations and delivers parchment to Sidama’s warehouse in the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa. Sidama Union dry-mills the beans, removing the parchment before export. The Union then distributes profits to its primary cooperatives. Homacho's general assembly uses these profits to pay a dividend to its members at the end of the year as well as to reinvest in its operations and build capacity.


Social Programs

Homacho Waeno prides itself on providing farmer trainings and promoting best practices through "Training of Trainer" models (also known as "farmer to farmer" style). The cooperative has focused on getting farmers to pick cherries at the perfect stage of maturation, using clean baskets and bags for transportation, and decreasing the time between collection and delivery at the washing station.


In 2015, the cooperative began using their Fair Trade premium to pay for increased electrical grid access for farmers in remote areas. This has been a goal of the cooperative, and during a recent visit Sustainable Harvest staff witnessed the improvements in coverage. The cooperative also provides school supplies to local children. They are saving to purchase an ecological de-pulper to cut down on water waste.

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