Flavor Notes:

Fruit, Peach, Bergamot, Vanilla


This coffee comes from 67 different farmers in the Quincha, Mistrato, Pereira, Belén, Santa Rosa, La Celia, and Apía municipalities in Risaralda, Colombia. These women farmers are recognized by Cooperativa de Risaralda for their exceptional-quality coffee, which is segmented into this special lot.


About The Producer

Cooperativa de Risaralda was founded in 1958 by a group of 38 farmers from the region looking to strengthen their economic standing in a period of low prices in the coffee industry. Today, it counts farms and growing organizations from throughout Risaralda among its membership.

Cooperativa de Risaralda's recognition of the Mujeres de Risaralda represents an important shift in women's role in coffee in the region, which like so many parts of the coffee-producing world has been male-dominated for many years. We're proud to share that the women behind this coffee received a special premium for their production of this quality lot, which was passed out in a ceremony at the cooperative.

Decaf Colombia (The Rec)