Flavor Notes:

Brown sugar, Citrus, caramel, brown sugar


Formed by a group of tight-knit neighbors in Vereda Montalvo, Agprocem is made up of enterprising farmers who share a strong work ethic and mission to promote coffee quality, member education and economic development, and environmental conservation.


About The Producer

Agprocem was formed in 2013 and now has 37 members that grow coffee across 101 hectares in Vereda Montalvo, Planadas. The group collectively governs the organization, and has strong leadership in the form of Endinson Vaquiro Mendoza, acharasmatic general manager and coffee entreprenuer. 

Planadas has only recently emerged from a history of violence and isolation to become an emblem of progress and newly discovered coffee excellence in Colombia. Agprocem is at the center of this resurgence, with enthusiastic producers who are dedicated to shared success and respect for their environment as they pursue a level of quality that is putting Tolima on the map as a top coffee region in Colombia. 

Colombia - Tolima Especial