Caverna Coffee

Who are we

     Caverna was started by just two of us: Jon Thorp and Ben Yang. We worked together for four years at a coffee shop in downtown Salem, OR. Ben worked there a few years before Jon joined. Jon worked in 5 different Starbucks from Bellevue, Washington to Salem, OR before being brought on to manage IKE Box coffee shop where he and Ben met. From there the dream just grew until one day it was time to pull the trigger. We launched Caverna Coffee Roasters officially in November of 2017. Our main goal is to provide amazing coffee in a way that most can't. Most roasters tend to stick with a similar profile in their coffees. While we have our favorite profiles, of course, we also want to provide coffee that just about anyone can enjoy. We will be working to always grow our offerings. If you don't like what we have to offer, give it a month and we may have something new for you to try. We always welcome any feedback!  One thing we won't compromise on is quality. If you ask for something we won't do its probably because we can't do it without ruining the coffee. We want Caverna to be fun, imaginative, exploritory, adventurous, and experimental. How boring is it to stick to the same thing all the time? There is a never ending source of amazing flavors in those coffee beans from around the world and we don't want to limit ourselves to just a few. We will have our core lineup but also a rotating group of coffee so there will always be something new. We like people. We like coffee. We like you.